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Canada Open Work Permit for US H-1B Visa Holders

  • Get Canada OWP for 3 years.
  • Spouse can work full-time.
  • Education is free for your children.
  • Get 67 points on point grid; no job offer required.
  • Work anywhere in Canada.
  • Easy to get Canada PR.
  • Long-term career planning.
  • Bring your family to Canada.


Canada Open Work Permit for H1-B Holders

The Canadian government initiated the tech talent strategy program on 16th July 2023 for H1-B Visa holders. IRCC Canada issues an Open Work Permit (OWP) for the eligible applicants. US H1-B holders can utilize this opportunity and migrate to Canada for enhanced career opportunities. Along with the H1-B holder, their family members can also migrate to Canada. Canada OWP holders can work in Canada for up to 3 years immediately. Later, OWP holders can apply for the Canadian PR to settle in Canada.

Under the tech talent strategy program, Canada has invited 10,000 US H1-B visa holders until now. The Canadian government plans to invite more talented and skilled professionals to the country for empowerment and economic growth. Also, immigrants can have a large scope for career expansion in advanced and developing sectors. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ensures safety and security for immigrants for long-term assurance in Canada. The IRCC is giving hope to H1-B Visa holders for their jobs and settlement in Canada, which they are currently in the United States.

IRCC 4 Pillars for H1-B Visa holders

The IRCC offers IV pillars for US H1-B holders for endurance, safety, and security in Canada.

Pillar 1: H1-B visa holders can immediately get a 3-year open work permit in Canada. They can move along with their family.

Pillar 2: International mobility program for innovation stream.

Pillar 3: Canada is the most advanced country with digital travelers.

Pillar 4: Empowering existing programs for skilled workers.


Open Work Permit Canada: Eligibility Criteria

  • H1-B Visa holders from US.
  • Applicants seeking to settle in North America.
  • You can apply in between – 9 am Pacific Time and 12 noon EST time.
  • Applicants staying in USA with valid visa.

Note: Applicants holding H1-B visa validity and not residing in USA was also mentioned. Check the IRCC website for the confirmation regarding the same.


Open Work Permit Canada Requirements

  • Valid passport with over 3-years validity
  • Valid H1-B documents/ H1-B proof
  • Digital photograph
  • Marriage & Birth certificate
  • Educational transcripts
  • Updated CV
  • Past 10 years of personal and address history without any gaps.
  • Personal information such as email id, date of birth, siblings, address, etc.
  • US PCC and PCC, where applicants lived more than 6-months.


H1-B in USA Vs Open Work Permit Canada

Here is the comparison between US H1-B and Canada H1-B for your reference.


H-1B’s in the U.S.

U.S. H-1B’s in Canada


Temporary work visa for skilled workers

Acquire Permanent residency status


United States



Up to 3 years initially, can be extended up to 6 years

Permanent residency does not expire, but a PR card needs to be renewed every 5 years.



Promising Future, especially for H-1B’s.


Employer sponsorship and job offer required

67 points in Canada’s points grid. Job offer is NOT required.

Job Restrictions

Tied to a specific employer and job position

Free to work for any employer in any occupation


Spouses and unmarried children can get H-4 visas

Spouses/common-law partners and dependent children can also get PR.

Education for Children

Education is affordable

Education is FREE.

Path to Citizenship

Can lead to a Green Card and eventual citizenship

Eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years.

Citizenship Timeline

Takes several years

Takes 3-5 years


Access to a universal healthcare system.

Free Healthcare for you and your family members.

Geographic Flexibility

Limited to working for the sponsoring employer and location

Live and work anywhere in Canada under any employer.


7000$ – 9000$

2000$ – 2,300$

Dependence on Job

Loss of employment can lead to visa expiration and potential deportation.

Independent of job, unless PR card renewal requirements are not met. No deportation.


Canada OWP for 3-years for H-1B visa holders

Canada invites US immigrants with H1-B visas with its open work permit program. This program allows employers to stay in Canada for 3 years. The US H1-B holders can move to Canada along with their dependents. OWP holders can work with any employer and anywhere in Canada. Explore an immense number of opportunities in many fields in Canada with OWP. 


Canada Open Work Permit for H-1B holders - Benefits

Work anywhere in Canada: Immigrants can get unlimited job opportunities without sponsors.

Free Education for your children: Free education for children of OWP holders.

Spouses are allowed to work in Canada: Your spouse can work full-time in Canada without any restrictions.

Career building in Canada: You can settle in Canada along with your family. This is a life-changing opportunity to settle and earn in Canada. Personal development and career growth are possible with the Canada OWP.


OWP Canada: Application Process

  • Get ready with all the required documents
  • Visit the IRCC portal and apply for OWP
  • Pay the application fee online.
  • Complete biometric information.
  • Complete medical examination.
  • Fly to Canada


Canada Open Work permits processing time

The processing for open work permit takes 0-2 months for US H1-B holders.


Processing Fees Canada Open Work Permit for H-1B’s



Applicant work permit




Spouse open work permit


Spouse Biometrics





How can Y-Axis help you to get a Canada work permit?

If you dream of a great take-off to Canada with exceptional opportunities, Y-Axis is here to help you. Check your eligibility and evaluate your profile with us. 

Utilize this fantastic opportunity and settle in Canada along with your family. Canada H1-B holders can get many opportunities like excellent career prospects, family benefits, and free education for children.

Even if you are not an H1-B Visa holder planning to move to Canada, contact us for required assistance.

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